Megumi Iwasa

Megumi Iwasa
Yours sincerely, Giraffe

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Megumi Iwasa was born in Tokyo in 1958. She studied Graphic Design at the Tama Art University, and continued working there until 1986. Yours Sincerely, Giraffe is her delightful first book, which was published this year by Gecko Press.

The idea for this book came to her in a dream one night. She says,

Very early one morning, I dreamt that I'd published a book. It was titled, "The giraffe that wanted to be a penguin". When I awoke, I told my husband about my dream and he asked what it was about. I had to answer, "Well I never had a chance to read it, so Im afraid I don't know."  Then, he continued, It's an intriguing title. Why don't you consider writing it for real?" and that's how this book was born. So this story started with a dream that I just happened to have one day.

The story is about a bored giraffe who would love a friend to share his life with. So he writes a letter and sends it across the horizon where he finds a penguin pen pal! When Megumi was asked if she liked writing and receiving letters herself she said,

Your question has just made me want to write a real letter! Recently, it's all email, isnt it? Getting a proper letter inside a nice crisp envelope makes you tingle with anticipation, doesn't it? They make me feel happy (well, except for bills, of course).  So, hmmm, who am I going write to?

In her spare time Megumi likes to swim, take photos, play the piano and cook. She loves reading and when she was a child she loved to read in bed. She says,

I'd slowly begin to get drowsy and it felt like I was gradually slipping into the story I was reading. Of course I loved it even more when someone read aloud to me.

Today she still lives in Tokyo, with her husband and two children.

Books by Megumi Iwasa

Your sincerely, Giraffe (Gecko)

Praise for Yours sincerely, Giraffe

‘The sentences in this book are extra scrumptious.’
Paula Green, Poetry Box

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