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David Litchfield is one of the rising stars in UK illustration. His art has appeared in newspapers, books and on t-shirts, and has been exhibited around the world. David started to draw when he was very young, creating comics for his older siblings. On YouTube, you can watch his inspiring Tedx Talk ‘How doing a drawing a day changed my life.’

His exquisite picture book The Bear and the Piano, published in 2015 by Frances Lincoln, won the 2016 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize for Best Illustrated Book.

The idea for the book came when he was doodling in his sketchbook (a favourite way to spend time) and without thinking about it he just drew a grizzly, wild bear playing a piano. He says,

Something about the sketch struck me and I really liked the coming together of these two worlds. The big, fierce bear and the delicate and graceful piano. When I drew the picture, I wanted to know more about the bear, how he learnt the piano, what adventures he has due to his talent, etc. and thats when the story developed.

David loves his work as an illustrator - the chance to get up in the morning and create new things is very exciting and fulfilling. When asked which came first for The Bear and the Piano, the drawing or the writing he said,

The drawing came first. And that seems to be the way Im developing my other books. I have the story idea in my head and then I draw a really, really rough storyboard of the book. This is great for getting the story outand seeing it outside of your head even if it is completely rough and sketchy. I then refine the images in a new, slightly neater draft of the book.

His new book Grandads Secret Giant was published this year.

Some books by David Litchfield

The Bear and The Piano (Frances Lincoln)
Grandads Secret Giant (Frances Lincoln)
The Building Boy by Ross Montgomery (Faber and Faber)
Miss Muffet or What Came After by Marilyn Singer (Houghton Mifflin Hardcourt)

Praise for The Bear and the Piano

“One of the most distinctive and original book debuts of the autumn.”
The Bookseller 

The Bear and the Piano is “a tenderly moving story”
Publishers Weekly 

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