Workshop with David Litchfield

David Litchfield

This is a great opportunity for children to work closely with a real illustrator in the classroom. In this hands-on session, David will demonstrate some of his drawing techniques, and the children will also get the chance to design their own picture book front cover

A Place To Call HomeMaterials needed:

  • A flipchart or whiteboard plus a selection of whiteboard pens for David to use 

  • Colouring pencils and pens for all children 

  • A4 card for all children

Workshop details:

Suitable for children in Years 2 and 3
Maximum numbers: 30 children
Length of workshop: approximately 1 hour
Please note that a class teacher should be present throughout the workshop

Free Gift

Children that attend a workshop will receive a FREE copy of The Bear and The Piano by David Litchfield to take home with them.

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