Workshop with Daniel Morden

Daniel Morden

In this lively and interactive workshop, Daniel Morden works with the children to help them develop their own narrative skills. The focus of the workshop will be on creating a convincing and satisfying story. After a brief introduction and discussion, Daniel will tell a traditional tale. He will then discuss the structure of the story. The children will use that structure to write their own versions.

Daniel has worked with The Children’s Bookshow for many years. His performances and workshops are some of our most popular with children and teachers alike.

Dark tales from the woods Comments from teachers on past workshops with Daniel:

“The enthusiasm and great personality of Daniel Morden captivated the minds of our children and inspired them to reach their full potential. It was very uplifting watching such a dynamic delivery of creative writing...”
Faith Primary School, Liverpool

Materials needed:

  • A flipchart or whiteboard that Daniel can write on

  • Pencils and coloured pencils for the children

  • A4 plain white paper

Workshop details:

Suitable for children at upper KS2
Maximum numbers: 30 children
Length of workshop: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Free Gift

Children that attend a workshop will receive a FREE copy of Secret Tales from Wales by Daniel Morden to take home with them.

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