Workshop with Jessica Souhami

Jessica Souhami

In her workshops, Jessica Souhami will give children the opportunity to create their own picture book. The children will learn about the role of the “spread” in a picture book, and how to create suspense with pictures and text.

Jessica is very interested in how stories travel around the world, but also how a story moves on a journey through a book. Children will take characters on a journey through a story and in doing so they will create their own, original picture book.

Honk Honk, Hold Tight! Comments from teachers on past workshops with Jessica: 

“Jessica’s ‘magic’ captivated all my children. Their writing was given such energy; the work continued well after the session closed. Boys, who have such an upward struggle to produce writing, flew with the task generating a whole story of which they could be exceedingly proud. A wonderful display welcomed parents on our Open Morning and was greatly admired. I still find children colouring their drawings, in snatched moments of the school day! So, thank you and Jessica for a super experience: one, I hope we can repeat very soon.”
St Barnabas Primary School, Oxford.

Materials needed:

  • A3 plain white paper (about 250 sheets)

  • Glue sticks

  • Coloured pens and pencils

Workshop details: 

Suitable for children in Years 3 and 4

Maximum numbers: 30 children
Length of workshop: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
Please note that a class teacher should be present throughout the workshop

Free Gift

Children that attend a workshop will receive a FREE copy of Honk Honk!, Hold Tight! by Jessica Souhami to take home with them.

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